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Space Development is a High Risk Venture…

The very nature of the space business is intrinsically risky: There is only one shot at total mission success for programs ranging from the millions to billions of dollars. Thousands of components and factors must be carefully scrutinized and coordinated to mitigate the risks involved in the development, integration, test and launch of space programs to drive towards successful deployment of critical commercial and Defense assets.

TriSept has the Experience and Expertise to Advance Mission Success

Leveraging an average personnel experience of 27 years in the full space systems life cycle of a vast range of spacecraft on a large array of launch vehicles, TriSept is fully equipped with the veteran experience and knowledge necessary to carry out a successful mission. TriSept has hands-on experience in the development and execution of a wide variety of missions, ranging from large scale, multi-billion dollar Government systems to the cutting-edge integration of small satellite payloads.

Areas of Expertise

Systems Engineering:
Broad-based experience in supporting all facets of the space program lifecycle, from concept development to end of mission activities. Delta II

Program Management Support:
Proven experience in supporting management with the execution of a wide variety of space programs.

Satellite to Booster Integration:
Seasoned experience in all aspects of mission integration, from definition of interface requirements to real-time launch operations for a gamut of launch vehicles, sites, and services.
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Specialized Engineering Consultation:
Exceedingly knowledgeable and experienced engineering support staff in the major engineering disciplines associated with space systems development and deployment.

Small Satellite Integration:
Facilitating cost effective and repeatable rideshare opportunities in recognition of industry’s need for rapid,consistent, and affordable access to space. Proven experience in integrating multiple spacecraft manifests including P-Pods, X-Pods, Nanosats and the full range of primary spacecraft.
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Spacecraft Development:
Extensive experience in the development of spacecraft missions on a wide variety of launch vehicles. Extremely knowledgeable in a diverse range of engineering disciplines from propulsion systems, advanced mechanisms and mechanical structures to T&C (telemetry and command) subsystems.

Mission Planning and Support:
Veteran experience in planning of spacecraft missions and execution of launch campaigns.

Mission Operations:
Demonstrated, hands-on experience in overseeing and conducting real-time satellite flight operations. High-level senior engineers with backgrounds in ground system architecture and operations.

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